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com. I like this series because he does a great job of explaining and using some cool techniques in creating animation. The things I learned from this series are: how to animate, how to make 3D shapes animate, and how to make an animation loop. The final effect was pretty cool! It is at the end of the video. If you want to see the effect I created, check out: Thanks, Robert[Prognostic value of ECG signs of myocardial injury in patients with perioperative morbidity]. Analysis of the incidence and clinical importance of ECG signs of myocardial damage (sudden cardiac death, myocardial infarction, perioperative anemia, signs of congestive heart failure and hemodynamic disorders) in patients with a history of myocardial infarction or associated with the ischemic heart disease. The analysis included 276 patients operated on for abdominal, urological and gynaecological diseases. ECG signs of myocardial injury were detected in 78 (28.3%) patients. The peak incidence of ECG signs of myocardial damage was in the third and fourth week after surgery. The incidence of sudden cardiac death was 3.3%, myocardial infarction--1.1%, hemodynamic disorders--2.6% and anemia--3.9%.Inghilterra, le hanno cacciato. La settimana scorsa, dalla Regione di Giugliano sono stati espulsi 3.000 immigrati che avevano permesso di lavorare in Italia: in servizio presso il centro di occupazione. Una tragedia, che ha paralizzato l’intera giornata dell’Oriente Venezia. «Quella che era una giornata di lavoro che iniziava bene e si concludeva bene è finita in tragedia», ha detto il presidente dell’associazione di categoria, Ruggero Zirone, che ha raccontato cosa sta accadendo. «In molti hanno rischiato la vita». L’artiglieria del

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